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NSFW 18+ 

"This work stemmed from an experience I had where it was so hot that I couldn't sleep. It would make my mind race and let my ego take over me. This has been complimented by subsequent experiences that have paralleled this one.

The worst feelings are when self-loathing would slowly fester in my head, causing me to constantly run through my worthlessness and fantasize about ways of harming myself. Shadenfreude is the pleasure derived from the pain of others. Perhaps my ego-induced pleasure is derived from the pain of myself. Shadenfroos.

There is flashy stuff so if you are prone to seizures, beware! Also contains some nudity.

I think I made this in like 2013 or something... who knows!

Music by NOBUNNY, The Shaggs, Tonetta, Flat Duo Jets, and Resni.


Shadenfroos.zip 137 MB